Saturday, November 22, 2008

And we still suckle

I tried to make him sit up, but he kept sliding over.
(cutest koala outfit from Emme and Elissa Swick)

Thanks to Griffin for the adorable swing!

Passed out

He's such a little shit-stirrer. When we're at home, we're just hanging out. He snacks a little, naps. But it never fails: as soon as we get to a public place like, say, in line at the bank, he squawks the equivalent of , "Hey ma, I'm starving over here!" And I have to whip out my boob and feed him. I'm standing in line, talking to the teller, walking through the parking lot- all with my boob hanging out of my shirt. He seems determined to make a statement. Maybe he takes a little bit after me?

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