Saturday, July 30, 2011

Vacation Part 3: THE BEACH!!!

Our last day of vacation we went to Newport Beach. It was perfect. Luca even tried to bodyboard!
Ashton, Dave, and Caylex

Vacation Part 2: Camp GiGi

Auntie's 27th birthday
his best buddy Scott

staying up late, watching Celebrity Rehab

met up with Nicol at the park

bed hog
Les made him this airplane-- here, he is pretending it is ice cream

his two favorite road trip songs:

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Camp Grandma Vita + Camp Maddy

Amazingly, Dave grew up not far from where I grew up. Every summer he takes his kids down to see his parents, in an eagerly anticipated event known as Camp Grandma. I didn't have clients scheduled this week, so I decided to join them to celebrate Scott's 40th and my sister's 27th birthdays.

With Grandma Vita and Dave
with Grandpa Rick, Dave, Aston, and Caylex
Caylex, Uncle Paul, and Ashton

Not sure why it is that kids love to hang out in cages and small spaces like this, but he loved the dog's cage.
Then we spent a night at Uncle Paul's. Video games, a pool, hot tub, and Luca's favorite: CHIPS!
Dave drying his hair and Luca letting him know just how silly he looked

The next day we headed to Amanda's for a sushi party/sleepover

his first bite of eel, which he loved
Safety first! he even insisted that Maddy install a seatbelt for the above pink barbie car.
more pictures as I acquire them. this is just the first half of our trip. also i don't know why it's hyperlinking my text but i just don't feel like figuring it out right now. xo