Monday, September 27, 2010

Destination: Chocolate Starship

Finally, a list of all the words he knows:
uh oh
up (also means down)
hot! (also means cold)
ah-ga-ga (helicopter, also means airplane)
woah, wuggy! (woah, lookit!)
all gone (or sometimes, all done)
kiki (kitty)
papa (my dad)
nanya (my mom)
daa (dad)
mom (also mom-o or mama, but mostly mom. sounds more like: mom. mom. mom. mom. mom!)
bye bye
tiki (thank you)
ga (gus)
ga (glasses)
tee! (truck)
caw (car)
yum yummy! (also, num nummy!)
ah-gee (auntie)
gee gee (gigi-- greatgrandma)
sga (scott)
kee (keys)
ah-pah (airport)
feesh (fish)
bee (bird, insect)
nol (milk)
chomp cha (chocolate)
oogle (noodle)
pata (pasta)
cha! (yes)
whee (slide or swing)
wee-wee (movie)
wa-wa (waffles)
eye (egg)
bye-gee (fire, firetruck, and firefighter)
ca (clock or watch)
ba (bath)
berry (grapes, dried cranberries, blackberries, and raspberries)
eye-kee (ice cream)
baa (sheep, sometimes horses and goats)
tra-caw (tractor)
ee-jah (light)

there's probably more I'm forgetting, but this is a good start, and most of them.

at the park
recipe for Chomp Cha:
a spoonful of pure cocoa
half a spoonful or so of agave
a spoonful of butter
mix well.
eat. dance.
see video at the bottom of this post for the magical Chomp Cha dance!
He loves to vacuum.

Also loves to make waffles.
Oh! Oh! AND he can make his own scrambled egg!
Taking some time out from his stressful life to get snuggley and watch a movie.

happy face
serious face
My aunt and grandmother came to visit and this is the only evidence!

Scott came to visit and gave him some monster trucks for his birthday. He loves those trucks.
Scott and Meatloaf

He had his first donut during Scott's visit.

Chomp Cha dance. Might be the cutest thing OF ALL TIME. Sorry the quality is so bad, I took this with my phone and couldn't stop laughing.

He was talking up a storm... right before I started taking this video. He loves berry juice, and I was trying to get him to say berry, or yum yummy, or SOMETHING... but what he actually says at the end of this is "baby" because he knows I take videos of him with this camera and he likes to watch said videos of "baby" on my computer. So both the camera and my laptop are "baby."

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Know bout me

His first real all-over haircut. My heart is completely broken about it. I wanted to just de-mullet it, but I ended up cutting all his curls off. *sob*

He picked up Joel's ipod, stuck the ear thingys in, and asked me to turn it on.

Just before he's about to fall asleep in the car, he likes to use Gus as a hat. He usually lets go of Gus' hands and Gus just lies there on top of his head.
then... cute. And snoring
In San Francisco

KidPower Park!
This is the cutest video of all time.
He is dancing to Know Bout Me- PENS
I was initially ambivalent about this band but he kinda sold me on them.