Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bride of Frankenstein final project

I started with Plain Debra
Dyed her hair black, bleached side sections and used silver toner and high lift ash toner to get them white.
Set perimeter on perm rods
Cornrowed crown and added two packs of synthetic hair (this picture shows one pack)

Wound synthetic hair into a beehive base with loose ends.
Combed curled hair over base, painted her face, applied false lashes and my signature heart, carved her scars with a razor and stapled stitches, and fingerwaved platinum sections using a cool-toned white paint mixed with water as setting lotion to cool down remaining yellow tones and fix waves in place.

Glam Deb:
All lined up:

My favorites:
It kind of blends into the background, but she built a city on top of her hair!

our class on a Dermalogica field trip:


Joel said...

Who's the sexy librarian chick? Oh! right...

Annie said...

woah holy crap!!!! I love it!!!!

Lisa Leandro said...

omg...your bride of frankenstein is beautiful. I was the bride this halloween. I wish you would have done my hair. I have a pic on facebook.