Monday, April 19, 2010

San Francisco: April

80,000 pictures from this month's San Francisco trip

Pictures from Jack:
with Alex

with Joel

all power to the people

with Grandpa
with Jack

Pictures from my camera:
with Joel

at KidPower Park with Melissa and Socorro
Baby Coco!

watching trains with Joel

with Jack

Keith and Chelsea got married!

Joel and Keith just before leaving for the ceremony

so handsome
with Jesse
the wedding was at Lennon studios
Wickie, her fez, and Jed
husband and wife
they've been together a lucky 13 years!
Eddie and Talon

pictures from Joel:
at the playground!

coffee is serious business

more train watching

Jack and Joel had a playdate


apparently there's never enough train watching

at the airport

1 comment:

jay-way. said...

i'll hold for pictures of mommy and baby creepers now that he can wear them.