Monday, June 28, 2010

Flower of my heart

Luca moves up to northern California this week, so we've been saying goodbye:

baby's first ice cream sandwich!

he helped move his crib into the Uhaul

bye kitty!
Kalaina, Luca's best friend at day care

Annette, Luca's day care mom

we went to a fair with Becca and Zev
Zev reading to Luca

we're probably gonna miss this guy

a bunch of videos:

guitar after bathtime



from when i first gave him his guitar

luca takes control of the camera

he can say "helicopter"!

i caught him kissing a flower. and then he tried to eat it.

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Anonymous said...

I Love Luca's blog....I cried when I saw the picture of Scott and Luca saying good bye......It's all good though...Lucky to have you guys in my life.....xoxoxo