Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Know bout me

His first real all-over haircut. My heart is completely broken about it. I wanted to just de-mullet it, but I ended up cutting all his curls off. *sob*

He picked up Joel's ipod, stuck the ear thingys in, and asked me to turn it on.

Just before he's about to fall asleep in the car, he likes to use Gus as a hat. He usually lets go of Gus' hands and Gus just lies there on top of his head.
then... cute. And snoring
In San Francisco

KidPower Park!
This is the cutest video of all time.
He is dancing to Know Bout Me- PENS
I was initially ambivalent about this band but he kinda sold me on them.


Anonymous said...

Hey you guys...been thinking about you....Luca got his first haircut??? Didn't see that coming....XOXOXOXO

Anonymous said...

Just happened to think..if I list as probablt don't know who is sending these comments....
They are all from me

Olivia Faye said...

His first haircut? And he can use an iPod? He's so big, and so beautiful!!

xoxo, love you guys.