Wednesday, July 6, 2011

8,000 pictures

amanda came up and took this of me at the consumnes river
luca y poppa

new scooter (thanks maddy!)
road trip!
washing the windows. whata helper

are we there yet?
his first fair ride (besides the pony ride) at riviera village fair. after this we went on one of those crazy spinning ones, and he loved it! sorry i didn't have dave take pictures.

redondo beach

lomita train museum

we had a very nice time staying with gigi, seeing scott, going on outings, meeting dave's fam, bookfair, and roadtripping back with maddy.


Heidi said...

Your pictures on the beach look like the towere Brian (My Son) is lifguarding in this summer...probable saw you guys!!! xo

jay-way. said...

those are the best swim trunks. ever.