Saturday, March 30, 2013

spring break!

for spring break, we went to la, oakland, and sf.

i love the juxtaposition of our clothes as we packed.

first stop, burbank.
tacos with auntie leslie!

we spent the first night in a hotel for maximum relaxation/vacation kickoff

then we headed to the museum of natural history in la with auntie leslie!

face your fears

then we drove to gigi's house for the night and took a beautiful stroll at the beach

after that, we went and stayed with amanda and evelyn, and their amazing dog, dante.

luca helped clear out weeds for a garden

we ate delicious korean food

luca practiced his ninja moves

he cuddled dante

we went to the metlox plaza in manhattan beach

ate at el pollo inka

and hung out with scott (so essential)

 then we headed up to oakland, where we stayed with joel

cuddled kitties

and dogs

and each other

went to fairyland with joel (and bought a membership! that place is awesome!)

and then headed to sf, where we got lunch with leah and jack

and then went to kidpower park with scott

it was an amazing spring break. lots of teamwork, reconnecting, practicing balancing each other's needs, eating, playing, staying up late, hugging old friends, doing ninja moves, and singing.

lots of love

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