Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Read! Share! Revolution!

Read! Share! Revolution!

Anarcha LA is sponsoring a radical reading/discussion group with the help of the LA Eco-Village. The first meeting is this Sunday/Domingo, the 27th @ 4pm - to about 6 or so (LAEV has a community potluck at seven - you're welcome to stay if you bring something to share). This meeting is intended to be a place to explore topics concerning power/privilege within an anti-authoritarian context and how we can become empowered as individuals and as a group to bring about postive change to our lives and within our communities. This first meeting will give us a chance to meet and discuss what our ideas are for this group and what potential we see in it and to eat some snacks, drink some coffee/tea/something in a cup and maybe even do a little reading with some discussion - woah. Hope to see you there!!!

PS - if you have time -
Rebecca wrote up a little survey to help assess our interests/thoughts on this group!!
Go Becca!

Address -
117 Bimini Pl
LA CA 90004
(1/2 block east of
Vermont off of first - by Virgil middle school in Koreatown)

Kid friendly but no seperate child care planned at this time
Bring something to eat/drink to share if you can
No planned reading - planners may have something short to read/discuss that day
Bathroom/kitchen available

Contact with any questions:

george (lives with Becca at LAEV - has lots of free time to answer emails)
Becca (busy busy busy - but never too busy for answering questions)
Kaley (Totally on point - lots of school though...)

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