Monday, September 28, 2009

This is love

Rocco ----->


I asked a bunch of people these questions this morning, and here are the answers:

What is the point of dating? What is it all for?

  1. To find someone you like to bear witness to your life, to confirm your worth and existence.
  2. To torture us. God is like a dungeon master sometimes.
  3. Misery? Christian notions of courting? Bad addiction?
  4. Marriage and respectability
  5. To have a best friend for life.
  6. To get your dick sucked.
  7. To be taken care of when you can't take care of yourself.
  8. To find a soulmate and be done.
  9. Because the other option is worse.
  10. It's senseless, but I'm going to keep doing it.
  11. Our God-given need for companionship, affection, physical contact, etc. Then we complicate it with fear.
  12. There's that whole idealistic fallacy that "society is telling me what to do." NATURE is telling us and there's nothing wrong with that. Society IS making us neurotic, though.
  13. To find love. Feel good about ourselves. Learn about ourselves and what we want.
  14. Unlike my mom and dad, I want to end up married and in love with just one person for the rest of my life.
  15. To make a connection and feel special.
  16. Ego?
  17. Validation. Sense of accomplishment. Seeking someone we deem worth sharing our time with and vice versa. What IS dating?
  18. To find someone to bear witness to my life, to feel safe and loved, to sit on a porch holding hands and talking when we're 80.
  19. Hard to say, really. Generally it doesn't seem like a very honest activity.


Joel said...

"God is like a dungeon master..." I love it.

Jump Mama Jump said...

i heart lura

Mallory said...

Who said #11? I like that.

Jump Mama Jump said...

Joel did. Good, huh? Come to Luca's first birthday party!! I haven't seen you in a hundred years.