Sunday, October 17, 2010

I love you golden blue

Sunday is Waffle Breakfast and Adventure Day! which we make waffles and then go on an adventure. Basically this means picking a road and driving down it til we find something interesting.

Today we went to the Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park, where gold was discovered by a white man in 1848. The park is on the South Fork of the American River, and it was cool and beautiful and green.

Hydraulic mining caused great environmental damage- erosion, flooding, and mercury contamination.

South Fork of the American River

We hiked a half mile up a mountain to view California's first historic monument, a giant statue of James Marshall. No mention of the Southern Maidu (Nisenan) people who lived there first who did all the work.

Berkeley's Project Underground has done a good alternative history of the Gold Rush called
Gold, Greed, and Genocide that's worth a read.


Anonymous said...

You guys look great!!! Fun Sunday's..Can't believe Luca Leslie Bird is going to be two tomorrow.....Happy Birthday Luca!!!
Love Heidi

Susanner said...

Love these pix. Is he left handed? Last time I saw him I thought he was using his right more, although not really decisively.