Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fear of freedom

I just can't stand the idea of instilling fear in your child, obsessing about germs, and using monsters to get your kids to behave, etc. 

A few recent examples: I hung out with a friend last week who told her daughter not to go on the big slide because "it's scawwy!!" (really? you further insult her ability to decide for herself by using a baby voice?) and told her she had to hold her hand near the street because "there's monsters!" Recently I laid the kid on his play mat on the back patio, and my mom twitched and fretted, finally scooping him up because she was worried about dirt.

 I just think there is a difference between keep your kids safe, and being a paranoid mess. Also, I believe in telling your kids the truth (like, hold my hand because I don't want you to run out into the street and get hit by a car, not "there's monsters!)

Rebecca Woolf has written several entries about fear in her blog, Girl's Gone Child:


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you about overly scaring kids. Who want kids never to risk things in life???? We must be vigilant for those things that can hurt but take a watchful eye when they are trying to challenge and grow emotionally, physically and spiritually. When my kids would fall before they would look to see if I would cave in to their crying I would ask them with a chuckle if they were trying to put holes in my floor. I use this with my elementary kids too. If they them really hurt themselves you will know. Grand Aunt Janet

Jump Mama Jump said...

Exactly, and well put! Thanks!