Sunday, May 3, 2009

In a food court somewhere...

In honor of The Beast's foray into eating mushed up food, my personal top 10 favorite foods:

1. Sweetened condensed milk
2. Bacon
3. Raw tuna
4. Goat cheese
5. Pear soda
6. Carrot juice
7. Chili and chocolate together
8. Cornmeal crust pizza
9. Coconut or vanilla flavored anything, especially warm custard or tapioca
10. Pickled daikon

Foods The Beast has tried:
1. Breast milk
2. Frosting
3. Raw vegan chocolate ice cream
4. Potato rolls
5. Lemon
6. Lime
7. Banana baby food
8. Rice cereal
9. Formula
10. Rice cereal and formula mixed together

He's shown extreme distaste for frosting and potato rolls, and extreme fascination with limes.

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