Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm your man

I just found out that this girl I know thought Luca was born female, but that I really wanted a boy and so have been socializing her and acting as though she were a boy. She told some people, "You know it's a girl, right? Kaley just wants her to be a boy, and everyone goes along with it."


Annie said...

that girl is a freak.

leah said...

that is the best thing. you are all... and it i did? then what?

Jump Mama Jump said...

The most amazing thing? The girl was my sponsee!

Sara said...

wtf?? People are STRANGE.
For example, I showed this post to my friend Mark and he said, (not a joke- exact quote:) "That girl should shut her donkey-butt mouth".
Whatever, Luca's super beautiful and he'd totally make the prettiest girl too!