Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fuck the baby!

Why I Love MTV Shows 
(in butchered haiku)

The Hills
Sweet Christ. Have you seen
The way Heidi walks? I mean
A sociological
Study. Yeah, that's it.

Taking the Stage
A goth kid and a 
Gay black kid on MTV
It is about time

Fat kids next bitches
Or maybe? Queer, fat goth kids
We need our own show

Life of Ryan
Teen boys fumbling through life
I can't get enough

Meet the Barkers
I love boys who look
Too much like Travis Barker
Skinny, haunted, sad

[Rocco, this post is for you! How about one for The Duel?]

Boiled blondes, bloated drunks
Fighting for cash, fame, and sex
I get to check out

1 comment:

rocco said...

and just when I thought
i could never love you more
you went and wrote these