Thursday, May 14, 2009


People are always asking me if The Beast looks like me or Jack. I don't know, because I don't know what he looked like as a baby (Susanne?), but I went through the family photo album looking for pictures of baby-me and I found a bunch of fun stuff:

Theses are about 8 months or so, I think. So, a month older than he is now:

My first fish, age 4:
Little Cat (ex-boy) and I, age 16 or 17:
With the boys at Pride, age I have no idea:
With June (bff), age 17 or 18
With Jen (another bff), age 18:
With Josh (ex-boy), age 21 or so
With Amanda (ex-girl), age 23


leah said...

omgggggggggg the third baby picture is too cute! he totally raises his eyebrows and head like that.
ps you are GAY

Jump Mama Jump said...


Hillary said...

That little cat pic is at mom's house!! God i feel old now!!

Jump Mama Jump said...

Crazy, right??? Shit, I have to send you a picture I found from Pride, with David and Mr. Happy. We're both blond. I can't wait to see you!